25 January 2010

Disneyland and Rain, two of my favorite things

So, we made plans to go to Disneyland on the 13th and when we got online to get the hotel and it was as expensive as the Disneyland Hotel... so, we decided to postpone to the following week instead, not knowing at that time there was a week long storm due to visit that week as well, and hadn't visited SoCal in quite some time and long over due. The crazy Disneylandians Nick and I are still wanted to go because we love Disneyland that much and love having new experiences there. We set out for our adventure hitting snow for all of a mile between Frasier Park and Gorman (come to find out they closed that stretch of the 5 shortly after we passed through and remained closed through the next day making us have to go around the long way which really wasn't a big deal and totally worth it). It rained the entire drive but luckily never had any traffic, apparently LA people don't like rain and only ventured out out of pure desperation, which was awesome for us.

We arrived to Disneyland and decided we would prefer umbrellas over ponchos. Searching a bit we could not find umbrellas anywhere on Main Street. When we finally gave in and decided a poncho was better than nothing we saw that the register we went to had umbrellas... yay!

Through our search for umbrellas we didn't take the time to notice how empty the park was. We noticed that the trams leaving the park at 1pm were full of people but just thought these were the wimpy "i don't like rain" people. Evidently, there are a LOT of people who don't like rain.

We couldn't get on any of the rides that were outside, like Big Thunder and Matterhorn, not a big deal for us, we go on a monthly basis, all the various carts for snacks and drinks were closed, again not a big deal there were no crowds. We had soaked pants up to our knees because we got tired of trying to avoid the unevitable puddles but it was all worth it! We had no wait for anything... Peter Pan was a walk on ride, and anyone who goes to Disneyland knows that's the longest wait in Fantasyland especially for a 3 minute ride. We walked right up to the register for food and souvenirs, didn't have to stumble over strollers or listen to whiny tired toddlers and got to take pictures with Goofy, Minnie and Mickey all while walking through Mickey's house which had no crowds and no wait time. With everything though, the best part was the pictures I got of an empty park. At times I felt like it was closed and we weren't suppose to be there. Definitely on the top of my all time favorite trips. I'm glad most people hate rain as much as I love it!

Nick with his new umbrella

this really is how empty it was, see the rain dripping off the bench around Walt and Mickey

Closer up, probably one of my best photos ever at the park.

lots of rain drops!

in front of the train looking towards New Orleans Square, haunted mansion is behind me

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