12 March 2010

Blue Qute!

I so love these bags!  I really want this one since I am in love with typography, who am I kidding, like I need an excuse.  I currently already have three shopper bags, one of which is the cute as hell bag.  Then I have the cute as hell shoulder bag (black and white, LOVE) and a  matching coin purse... I'm beginning to see a pattern.  Anyway, the company is Blue Q which was founded by brothers Mitch and Seth Nash in 1988 and they have a bunch a great brands you might have seen out on your adventures like Dirty Girl and Miso Pretty to name only two of the many funky brands they have.  The bags are 95% recycled post consumer material too and at a very affordable price the alphabet shopper above is only $11.99 from their web site.  Can't beat that.

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