24 June 2010

Create - Felted Soaps

I was watching Martha the other day on DVR, I started recording her because I always seem to miss her shows.  Anyway, the episode I saw was a rerun from February when she had Gary Marshall on, who was promoting Valentine's Day.  The two of them did a how-to segment on making...
(Here is the how-to step by step guide along with a video on her site for you do-it-yourselfers)
Apparently, these soaps are suppose to be great exfoliators so they are pretty to look at, dress up any bathroom and also leave you with beautiful skin.  Sounds good to me.

 For all you out there that don't have the time or simply would rather buy your handmade felted soap.
I have found a great Etsy shops for you called SoFino
 They sell wonderfully creative and unique style felted soaps.

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