20 September 2010

Farley the Fiddler

This is Farley the Fiddler, one of the long time performers at Disneyland.
Nick and I are regular watchers of Day at Disney.  It's a 45min. video... yes, VHS.  
They don't make it on DVD so we keep a VCR just so we can watch this video.  
It was made back in 1993 and they have yet to duplicated this amazing video.  
You can find it on youtube here in 4 parts, it's a great watch for you true Disneyland fans.

So back to Farley...
On Thursday we were walking through Frontierland when Nick turned to me and said "I think that's the same guy from Day at Disney" so I decided we needed to ask him,
and as soon as Nick asked he started playing the song he played in the video
"Turkey in the Straw" 
This was Nicks reaction when he started playing... it was awesome!

We helped him sing the song (not that he needed it) and then after, like he was a rockstar, we took a picture with him.
We go to Disneyland at least once a month so this was a wonderful surprise for us... 
we both agreed it was better then World of Color, which was the reason we went this trip.

More to come about our trip soon, 
I made some great purchases this time and I wanna share...

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