24 January 2011

cutest little bookmarks

I was looking thorough pinterest as I usually do (on a daily basis) and this is why I do... 
because I come across wonderful finds like this!  

...less we forget the oodles of inspiration I get from seeing all the wonderful talent in the world.  
It is definitely my 'go to' when I need to be inspired or am having a design block, 

huh, huh... back to the topic! 
These wonderful and most important, clever bookmarks are just fantastic. 
I especially love the heart eyes, they come from this Etsy shop called ribonita
Aren't the heart eyes just fantastic little details, LOVE it!
Lovely Little Deer
Sweet Little Bunny
Happy Little Fox
 I'm not a huge reader, but I think I will have to get these.

(Click on the picture to go straight to the listing)

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