29 March 2011

expanding tucker reece...

I have been making some adjustment plans to my shop based on what I love doing most.  I just recently added the Seven Little Eggs (photo above) as well as took new photos for most of my items.  I'm also looking into creating and adding both supplies as well as jewelry to the shop soon.  The supply idea came from my passion of stationary and paper products.  I have always been obsessed with it and I love making details from tags to stickers.  Then, the jewelry idea was accidental.  It came from my need to create what I want to wear and can't seem to find exactly my style out there.  In my process of finding pieces for myself to wear, I found that these pieces only seemed to come in sets so I figured I could make one for me and one for you.

Stay tuned to see all the great things I am going to create soon... Can't wait to share!  I am wrapping up all my current letter projects in the next couple of weeks and will not be offering custom order anymore.  I found it to be too overwhelming and stressful which is not the path I want to be taking for something that is my true love.  I hope what I do create will be things with more passion to pass onto all of you and hopefully you will like or love what I create.

Please take this journey with me as I embark on new and old interests that will if only just inspire you.

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