22 May 2010

Why I love Acorns

When my nephews were little on one of their yearly visits to the states from Greece, their movie of choice that trip was Ice Age. Phillipos, the youngest was about 2 and he would hand me the DVD and say 'ice... ice' with the sweetest little voice. He would insist on sitting on my lap but would occasionally peek his head around just to make sure I was still there, all the while holding onto my hand. Andreas, who was all of 3 at the time, was obsessed with the acorn. Remember the character Scrat, the saber-toothed squirrel? Scrat was unlucky at his attempt to get ahold of the infamous acorn, which was a hilarious sub-story (bonus) to the movie. I’m pretty sure Andreas was convinced if he had an acorn, it meant he had won something. So anytime he found anything resembling an acorn he would get very excited and carry it everywhere with him. Too funny… Good memories!

Since then because of them I am myself obsessed with acorns.  My boys are no longer, but for me acorns remind me of them at that age and of that trip when they decided to take a walk down the alley together, (another story).

Here’s a collection of acorns in honor of them and then.

Summer Sun - Felted Wool Acorns - 6 - Nature Inspired and Eco Friendly $12.00
This beautiful company is one of my favorites,  FairyFolk has all kinds of great felted pieces that are Waldorf inspired, all natural, handmade and eco-friendly.

Kraft Acorn Address Labels and Seals - Set of 12 $4.75
Everyone who knows me, knows I am a sucker for all things stationary. So here is an great shop that carries Packagery

Double Acorn Rubber Stamp $2.30
I came across norajane not too long ago and just fell in love with all their stamps,
which are all handmade from start to finish.

ACORN BOX $32.00

I searched acorns and found this lovely box from Larkspur Hill

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