05 June 2010

for my sister

I came across this print on a tumblr blog and I immediately knew it needed to be in my sisters summer house that she is currently working on and very close to completion.  The house is in Greece.  Marmari to be exact and the house overlooks the lovely sea.  Anyone who knows my sister knows how perfect it is for her and the house, the colors match beautifully.  

Oh, and the artist is Katie Lombardo of The Wheatfield
Katie has a lot of great stuff, be sure to check her out.


Here is the print after I framed it for her.  I painted an Ikea frame with a milky white (love this white by the way) and beautiful paper I picked up at the craft store which I hand cut to match the circle.  It's a little uneven, but I find beauty in it's imperfection.  

(Note* That is my Nikki Cat in the background who is named after my sister... 
I didn't name her.  Long story.)

Now I just need to finish all the other projects I have for her so I can mail it off. 
I think she is anxious to get it. 

I'll be sure to share all the fun stuff I am doing for her too.

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