07 September 2010

some things to share

 this little light of mine 8x10 $17.00

I have been a very bad blogger the last week.  
So much to do getting orders done and finding time to work on Halloween.  
I finally have some in the shop, see...

Also, I am very excited to say that tucker reece has joined Paper n Stitch community.
It is a place where buyers and sellers showcase the best in art, handmade and vintage. 
we are in this months exhibition!
so head on over and check it out because there are a lot of great shops to see.

Lastly, Me in 3's which I snagged from Cole over at Letters from Coco
Feel free to share yours with me if you so feel the urge...

Three names I go by:  -Jennifer -Jenna -Ferfer

Three jobs I've had: -Visual Merchandiser -Merchandiser -Hair Stylist

Three places I've lived: -Los Angeles ca -Tacoma wa -Charlotte nc

Three favorite drinks: -Sodi's (no diet) -Freshly Brewed Iced Tea -Pomegranate Martini

Three TV shows I watch: -House -Castle -How I Met Your Mother... ha, they are all on Mondays!

Three places I've been: -Moscow, Russia  -Santorini, Greece -Vancouver, BC Canada

Three places I'd like to visit: -London -New York -Disneyland Paris

Three favorite old TV shows: -Friends -Sex in the City -Charmed

Three favorite dishes: -Chicken Marsala -Enchiladas -Shepard's Pie

Three makeup products I cannot live without: -bare minerals foundation -mascara -lip gloss

Three things I'm looking forward to:
-visiting my sister summer house in Greece
-the weather cooling down so I can ride my bike
-Disneyland Halloween Time :D

My inspiration today came from my fresh in mail, Pottery Barn Catalog

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