21 August 2010

sneak peek...

I have been working so much this week on all the orders I have.  Weird thing is I don't have as much as normal but I have added my own stuff in to the mix, like Halloween... and also I have been trying to get great images of my prints and giclees for you and I am very anxious to get them into the shop.  Unfortunately, besides the wonderful help with shipping my beautiful mom provides me I am a solo worker.  I only have so much time and my first priority is always my customer.  I have Sarah and Anjali in the final stages and have been also working on some 6 inch love letter sets along with the normal 3 inh little love letter set.  I also have Christmas on my brain, trying to decide what I want to make for the season.  I have some fun concepts in mind.

Wednesday, I spend the day in Los Angeles.  I am definitely a LA girl and love the inspiration I get when I go there.  We started in Santa Monica then stopped in at the Beverly Hills Sprinkles where I was inspired to create a cupcake stand... how does that sound?  I also got to take in two Anthropologies (my favorite store)  Sorry I didn't take more photos, I was just absorbing the experience, but here are a couple of lovely Santa Monica...

Hope everyone has a great weekend and I will be posting lots of new items this weekend.  
Here are some Etsy inspiration pieces that I love

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