12 October 2010

My Inspiration ~ disneyland visits

Every time I go to Disneyland, 
which is at least once a month, 
I am always inspired!
So here are some of the photos 
from my most recent trip that 
hopefully can inspire you too

New shot of the castle that I got by sticking my hands thought the fence with the camera angled up

Did you know there are more then 20 mail boxes in Disneyland?
 My favorite shop on Main Street!

This was the first time I noticed this mural, beautiful.

 nice concrete imprint, I love it's simplicity

this was in one of the store windows, I so love it.

I'm loving bunting these days and found this in Critter Country

One of my favorites... I find Tim Burton very inspiring and look forward to this time of year

so love this boat

thought this was wonderful since I am clearly a lover of typography plus it's fun to read.

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