13 October 2010

Window Shopping ~ Anthropologie

Anthropologie is probably my favorite store, not so much because of the merchandise (which I love!) but because they are a true visual merchandising store.  In an industry and time where so many retail companies are down sizing the visual positions and departments within the company, Athropologie instead sees the importance of it in each individual store.  

Being a graduate of  FIDM,  I majored in Visual Communications at a time when the importance of visual was being stripped away to cushion the bottom line, a very "corporate" thing to do.  I missed out on a time where visual was all about presentation, now it's about bulk.  A Visual position is replaced with visual directives that any employee can follow, not very creative in my opinion and you are left with cookie-cutter shopping experiences.  You go to one Gap, you've been to all for example.

Anthro on the other hand likes to let each store to represent the neighborhood it's in, so ever one you walk into is a little bit difference of an a experience.  I have my favorites, but I am always excited to experience now Anthopologie's!

So, to why I made this post... 
here are some amazing Autumn window displays

all photos were found on Anthropologie's facebook page

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BethanySusan said...

hey girl, i wanted to stop by and tell you i found your shop today and fell in love, so i had to link to you on my blog. thanks for creating such awesomeness!