25 January 2012

Cookies at the Dark Side

I have to admit, I am a Star Wars nerd.  Now that I admitted it, I have something else to admit... I'm proud of this fact!

I was a late bloomer to the Star Wars phenomenon.  I remember going to theater to see Return of the Jedi when I was around 6 and honestly, I remember the experience more than the movie.  I was with all my cousins, which was rare because we all lived in different parts of California and Grammy was taking us.  She actually sat in the theater with the bunch of us between ages 6-8.  I know she was bored because this is in no way her kind of movie, but she was with her grandkids so she was content.  Back to my point, I was 6 and it was a movie about boy stuff.  Needless to say, I was not a fan yet.  It wasn't until the re-release of them in the theaters in the 90's that I became the crazy true fan I am today.  I was a young adult and now able to watch and understand the amazingness of Star Wars. 

The other day I had a customer request our wonderland print (one of my favorite prints in the shop) and with the convo she asked if I could make this print.
created for tucker reece by Jenna Graviss 2012

It seemed she saw something like it on pinterest and could not find it for sell.  I have been wanting to add Star Wars 'ism Prints to my shop for some time now but haven't gotten around to doing it.  When she had the request, it was my chance to be creative.  More to come now that the flood gates are open!!!

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